Bookmarklet to change ID3 Artist/Track/Album name fields on Audio posts


Here’s a little javascript bookmarklet to change the ID3 fields on tumblr audio posts. After the new update, I think tumblr disabled them for modern browsers since they didn’t want people changing the source or modifying/framing details for posts that you didn’t create yourself. I know some of you treat Streampad like a necessity, and a lot of you out there rely on the ID3 tags to show up correctly for your playlists.. so I whipped up something quick to change these fields on-the-fly, if you don’t know how already, and here it is!

Step 1) Basically like all other javascript bookmarklets, just
right click this link:

Tumblr | ID3 Tags

and click “Bookmark This Link”, or bookmark it to your bookmark bar, or whatever.

Step 2) When you’re editing an audio post that you’ve reblogged, click on the bookmark and you’ll get 3 window prompts; one for each of the fields: artist name, track name, album name

Step 3) Type in the corrections or fill in the blanks if the original poster left out a field when uploading, and save your edits.

It won’t look like you’ve done anything but it should work, and you can check the changes by refreshing your blog and/or clearing the browser cache.

p.s. Works on SoundCloud posts too. :]

ALSO NOTE: Please don’t use this to purposely screw up other people’s ID3 tags if they’re already correct. My intent was to let you fix your tags if they were wrong or if you kept seeing “Unknown Artist/Track” while you’ve enabled ID3 tags with Streampad v2.

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